Saturday, March 10, 2012

Betty Cooper Lookbook

One of the things I'm passionate about is personal style and I've always thought that the guys and gals of Archie Comics are incredibly fashionable.  I have no idea when Archie originated and if it's set on a specific time period, but to me, the pieces they wore are timeless, chic and relate-able.

And while I could relate more with Veronica's personal style, I've always liked Betty Cooper more-- the blonde, blue-eyed, girl-next-door that Archie almost always snubs.

So here is a tribute to Betty.  I plan on looking through Veronica's closet as well as I do try very much to be fair. :)

Betty's wardrobe comprises mostly of athletic and comfortable pieces with girly undertones.

She also seems to gear towards preppy outfits -- layered jumpers and cool jackets.

 I also like these t-shirts.  How come I don't look as good with them on??

She could also appear girly and dainty.  I am loving these looks on her!

My favorite set of the bunch:  Betty looking trendy and cool!


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