Thursday, June 21, 2012

016: The Lost Travellers

I am introducing a new character named Richie, a tikbalang.  I believe Tikbalangs are uniquely Filipino, unlike our Itim na Dwende which has the equivalent "elf" in other countries or Multo which has the equivalent "ghost" in other country.  Obviously, there are some differences (e.g. I have always thought of elves as Christmas Elves; unlike the mischievous kind of dwarves in Philippine folklore) but nevertheless, they kinda have the same roots, I guess.  But tikbalang!  The opposite of centaurs in Greek Mythology and fawns of the Narnia Chronicles... completely Filipino.

Anyway, one of the things I have always heard about Tikbalangs is that they could lure travellers into a trap and make them travel around in circles.  The only remedy to this space warp kinda thing is for the travellers to turn their shirts inside-out... ok, I dunno the reason for that but hey, it doesn't have to make sense!  Numerous times during family trips whenever we seem to be going around in circles I always have that nudge to turn my shirt inside-out... completely superstitious but what have I to lose?


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