Friday, January 25, 2013

043: The Lost Tribe

One thing I have always questioned about alien movies is the depiction that Earth, as we know it, is inferior technologically from the alien race.  Isn't it true as well for those myths that say that humans got help from aliens in building the pyramids and old civilizations like Mayans and Incas got their knowledge from out-of-this-world visitors?

But what if we have it wrong all along?  What if we are not the "inferior" race for once?  What if our astronauts go to Pluto and discover a totally young race whom they will teach how to make fire and buildings and such?  And million years after we have visited them, they'll wonder, "Is it possible that we got our knowledge from non-Plutonian beings?"

Aha!  A plot for Science fiction!  I am suddenly overwhelmed (in a good way) of how beautiful the world is and awestruck with the thought of how much like a speck each of us are in this universe!

(Ok.  Emo phase over.)


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