Sunday, March 17, 2013

DIY: Handmade Envelopes

Along with my journal covers, one DIY project I do on a semi-regular basis are envelopes.  While I hardly use postal mail anymore, I find them useful when giving cash gifts to people.  Definitely better and more personalized than a regular white, blank envelope.
What you’ll need:
For the envelope pattern:
Old Cardboard
For the envelope:
Photos/Pictures -- I always use big, glossy calendar photographs
Creating the Envelope Pattern:
The envelope pattern will be your guideline in making your envelope.  This is mostly a one-time procedure since the pattern could be used over and over again.
While you could design your own pattern(horizontal, vertical, big, small, rounded flap, etc.), I’ll give you mine for illustration.  Make sure that the pattern has extra allowance for folding and gluing the panels together wherever necessary.  For the pattern below, all 0.5'' measurements are panels where glue will be placed.

Front Piece
Back Piece.  The cut for the gluing panels are slightly inclined at the top.
Measure and cut the pattern out from the cardboard.
Creating the Envelope:
1.       Trace the pattern over your photo/picture.  Make sure to trace over the details that you would want visible on the back and front panels of your envelope.

2.       Cut out the envelope pieces

3.       Fold and glue the pieces together 

Finished product
  Now I have plenty of envelopes--

I hardly think envelopes warrant making a post over but I made a bunch just recently and thought “oh well, will post”.


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