Friday, February 14, 2014

086: The Valentine Effect

 There are four things that make this comic strip extra special--

1.  It shows Jake's cousin Billy who debuted more than a year ago in this cartoon.  Obviously, Billy is visiting Jake again.

2.  The grave that Jake visited in the cemetery/panel#4 is similar to the BFF Tombstone in Kat's Friendship Tokens.  That tombstone is selling like hotcakes!

3.  This is strip#2 of my 2D strips, the first strip being here.  Basically, a 2D comic strip is this weird concept I thought of before wherein two or more independent strips share a panel, in this case the shared panel is the girl in the hospital/panel#3.  I've been meaning to do another 2D strip for ages but just haven't gotten around to doing it.  I'm glad I finally did.

4.  This is a Valentine's Day post.  I wish everybody a grand time!


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