Friday, April 18, 2014

Rejected Cartoons

In as much as I think my cartoons and comics are all so awesome (yeah, right!), I actually have some cartoons that never got to see the light of day.  For one reason or another I do not like them anymore after I was finished with them.

Cases in point:

Cartoon # 1

The cartoon above was made during my "experimental frames" phase (remember this cartoon?).  Of course I like the tetris-inspired panels but the story line seemed cliche and just 'blah' after rereading it.

Cartoon # 2 

This cartoon just seemed boring to me.  I like that it has "depth" but I didn't like it much eventually.

Cartoon # 3
This one-panel cartoon is one of the first I have ever made.  Looking at it, it might be quite clear why it is one of the rejects.  It's just a vague cartoon which warrants a "what's the punchline?" retort.

And so I'll explain: my characters, Kat and Mutya do not have legs.  So what the hell are they doing having fun in a trampoline?  Anybody out there who does not need that explanation?


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