Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY: Clay Pot Decoration

I was just googling clay pot designs and darn, there are just so many perfect ones out there!  Of course, that doesn't stop me.  I will post this anyway.

Finished Product: 

Clay Pot
Acrylic Paint
Newspaper (to protect working surface)
Toothpick (optional, for drawing fine lines)

1. Place the clay pot and paint atop a newspaper to protect your working surface.  Design your pot using a pencil.
Just use your imagination when doodling :)

2. Start painting.  I used toothpicks and the smallest brush for fine lines.  Otherwise, I mainly used the bigger brush(es).

Black lines were made using a toothpick

 3.  Let the paint dry.

Easy right?  I have to admit, I selected the wrong clay pot.  I think it was originally green?  But I did paint another pot which I like better...
Another sample design


....Off to paint another one...



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