Saturday, December 13, 2014

Richie and Clark

When I create cartoons I sometimes wonder how comprehensible they are.  People's humors are different -- sometimes I come across cartoons that just draw a puzzled look from me while other people understand them clearly.

This is the case with this cartoon-- it started out with me understanding the whole thing but as I think more and more about it, the clarity becomes muddled.  I thought, "No, nobody will understand this" so I kept revising and in the end I have a simple comic strip that does not have the spirit of what I was originally going for.

So if there are any cartoonist (or maybe even noncartoonist) who had the chance to read this, how do you address this issue?  I mean, do you dismiss ideas when you feel not much people will understand them or do you just create to your heart's content?  Or perhaps another question is: how do you make your cartoons (or work of art or whatever) as comprehensible as possible to an ordinary reader?


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