Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Entry in my Bucket List

I know it's silly (or maybe it isn't so silly... one wouldn't really aim for something if one believes it isn't doable) but a couple of weeks ago I just added this in my bucket list and I was actually thinking of how it could be achieved.  Maybe I was just having a hard time at work-- and I have never said that before, honestly.  I always have had work I liked with no reason for complaints... but now... maybe I'm just burnt out and suddenly wanted out.  But err, anybody has any idea about how retiring at age 40 could be achieved by the way?

Anyway, this piece was inspired by a hand lettering book I just bought.  I'm thinking calligraphy/hand lettering/typography is one of those hobby fads in my city, something similar to photography before.  I am seeing a lot of workshops about them and plenty of calligraphers/letterers suddenly popped out.  I'm not really into fads but it's actually kind of nice and soothing to do... especially if one is burnt out with work.


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