Saturday, October 29, 2016

Abstract Diorama

This scan came out really choppy!  I swear I should get better inks (or maybe a better scanner?).  Any tools of the trade tips out there?

In case you're interested, a diorama is "a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit."  Just copied that off google.

Also, Happy Halloween to people soon!  I would normally create a Halloween art of some sort but believe it or not, I actually have been sort of busy.  I think I've said this before: I hate the term "busy" because if something matters to you then you'd definitely make time for it.  So I'll probably just restate things: I wasn't able to create a Halloween art because I didn't give importance to it.  -- That just sounds bad.  :(

Also in the subject of Halloween, I don't know if it's a normal practice world-wide but here in the Philippines during November 1st, we visit the graves of our loved ones and normally stay in the cemetery most of the day.  For most of my life, I visited the grave of my grandfather, he died when I was around ten or eleven.  But this year is different.  Though I'll definitely visit my grandfather, I'll mostly spend time with my Dad's grave.  :(  My dad died six months ago, he had a heart attack.  I still miss him, of course, but I was actually prepared when he died.  He had been sick for a while; aside from having a weak heart, he had diabetes and his eyes weren't the best-- he became blind in one eye and would have lost complete eyesight in the other if not for an operation.

Didn't mean for it to be a sappy post.  I rarely post anything personal here; I try to just focus on art stuff.  But sometimes it is good to share things with people, even just virtually.


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