Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Capiz Gang Trivia

If you've been following my blog, you probably know that my comic strips revolve around three different themes.  There's my "Capiz Gang" cartoons based from Filipino folklore creatures, my Greek Mythology Cartoons and there are those that do not fall under these two categories which I call General Cartoons.  Of these three, Capiz Gang is the most thought of since I have to create characters, name them and give each character their own unique characteristics.

Throughout creating my Capiz Gang cartoons, I've accumulated some trivia which I might have mentioned before or not.  Some of my comic strips do not have any accompanying text because most times I'm just too lazy to write a lengthy commentary.  Also, some facts are not important at all so I just let my art do the talking.  But alas, I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse of what is on my mind while creating my characters or what has changed since I started my comic strips.  So here you go-- trivia time!

1.  The first character I created and named is Mutya.  Her name is a Filipino word which translates to "muse" in English.

2.  Mutya's brother is named "Ku".  In the Philippines, an older brother is called "kuya" and I've always heard my cousins shorten it to "Ku" whenever they refer to their older brother.  So I borrowed the term.

3.  Kat is the only character who doesn't have a uniform of sorts.  Some have distinctive colors, e.g. black and green for Anger, Fury and Contempt, red and white for LoveJoy; and some have a specific clothes of choice, e.g. red tracksuit for Kap.  I've made Kat to have the most freedom when it comes clothing since she's also a part-time fashion designer (well... she's a part-time everything...).

4.  In my first comic strip with Kap, I made him to be a humongous giant.  To save up space, I made him smaller.  Now, he's just around a foot taller than Jake.

5.  "Neko" is the Japanese term for cat.  Is this significant?  I've always thought it was a dead giveaway to this.

6.  So far, I believe Kat is the only character with a last name.  It is Mandu.  I just played around with the word Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

7.  I don't really know Billy's hair color since he always has it dyed.  Thinking about it, it must be brown since he has brown eyes.  Billy hardly makes an appearance but to remind you, he's Jake's cousin.

8.  In my first few comics, Anger, Fury and Contempt as well as LoveJoy could "zap" things.  I haven't referenced this specific ability for a loooong time. 

9.  Neko is from a high-tech hidden forest village.  I've never explicitly written it but he's meant to be from there.

10.  Ku made his first appearance in an old comic strip before being introduced as Mutya's brother.  Yes, I already have his character thought up from the very beginning.

And in a somehow vain attempt to get conversation going-- if there's anything you'd like to ask about Capiz Gang, just let me know in the comments!


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