Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cycle of Life... and Pizza

My name is John and here's me and my parents in a pizza joint near our home.  I was ten.

My dad became sick and a decade later it became just me and my mom.

Unfortunately, when I turned 25 I asked God why He took my mom away, too.

But I learned that life goes on and I met Emily when I was 30.  <3

And our son got born when I was 35.

And of course, my family became complete with the arrival of my daughter.

But kids don't stay kids for long and my son got engaged a few years later.

By the time I'm 65, Emily and I are having regular play dates with our grandchildren.

My name is Emily and I'm continuing John's picture book.  He passed away when he was 75. 

And up to date, he is being missed still.


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