Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Lady From the Sea

When I was a kid, I heard of a story about a land beneath the sea, where mermaids dwell and a civilization thrive.

Since then, I long to see their inhabitants whom some say go up to land and befriend and play with humans.  I still remember the day I waited by the shore in case they make an appearance.

So I waited...

... and waited...

... and waited.

After years of waiting, should I even hope?

But one day, just when I was to give up, I saw movement from behind the rocks.  Could it be...??

But when I drew nearer it was gone.

The next day I took my chance and my boat out again.

And in the same spot she was waiting for me!

She was such an angelic creature that I was entranced.  This time I drew near enough to reach her and yet she didn't shy away.

And then I realized why...

... she decided I'M FOOD!


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