Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I am Ninja

My parents taught me how to be the best ninja.

Even when I'm feeling slow they say I am the fastest girl in the world.  That's why I always try to do my early exercise.


Sometimes I feel weak but my dad told me it's all in the mind.  And he said I could even cut ten bricks with my bare hands if I really I wanted to!

They also told me that a ninja must always be brave for themselves but never forget that everybody needs love and help from their family, too.  

And that despite hardships and challenges, ninjas are always positive and never forget to pray at night.

But like other brave warriors, my mom told me that I'll be going on a journey of my own one of these days.

She told me to be brave and that even though we will be apart, the stars will always mean they are with me and I am with them.

So when the time came for me to go, I was very much prepared.  My parents were crying so hard but assured me they'll be alright.


Ninjas might sometimes be scared but they persevere.  And I felt at peace while my parents held me as I say goodbye.


-The End- 

P.S. People battling terminal illnesses are warriors and ninjas in their own right.    


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