Thursday, November 2, 2017

Adults Have Too Much Drama

People are so full of drama.

That's what I thought as I sat next to an older lady in the bus.

She was talking on the phone with someone who was obviously her boyfriend.

"Pick between us.  Her or me," she said in a steely voice.  "You cannot have both."

I tried to keep my attention on my book but her life seemed much more interesting than fiction.

"Really?  You plan on breaking up with her today?" she asked with doubt in her voice.  "Good.  At least you're showing some spine.  It's just about time."

I wonder how the boyfriend could put up with this lady.  I know I couldn't.

"Glad to hear you're bringing her a bouquet of roses.  I'm sure she'll forgive you.  You better buy her coffee while you're at it, too."

Sure lady, I thought, flowers and coffee are everything.

She hang up and turned to me.  "Sorry you have to hear all of that," she said apologetically.  "A piece of advice when you're older: don't date younger men!  They're so immature."

I smiled at her, closed my book and stood up.  "Thanks for the advice ma'am.  Here's my stop.  I hope everything works out for you."

I smiled to myself as I step off the bus.  I'm so glad I don't have her problem.  My life is a pretty chill one, I have to admit.

I skipped towards the coffee shop where my boyfriend Jack insisted he and I meet.  At least there's one decent guy.  I saw him waving at me at the corner of the store with a smile on his face.

I smiled and waved back but then stopped short.  My hackles suddenly went up.  For in his hand was a bouquet of roses and there was steaming coffee on the chair opposite him, waiting for me.



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