Saturday, December 1, 2018

In the City, In the Jungle, In the Stars


I hugged my son close to my chest as I pointed to the three starts forming a straight line above.

“Pretty stars,” I cooed.  “Just like you!” And I placed a kiss on my giggling son’s forehead.

“Dada will be home soon,” I whispered, almost to myself rather than the wriggling child on my arms.  “He is in a very important mission but he will soon be retiring and will be with us permanently.”

I stared at the twinkling stars above and prayed silently.  Please God, keep my husband safe and sound until he comes back home to us.


I felt as though I’m in some sort of horror movie.  There was always a possibility that this would happen but imagining was still different from reality.

I staggered to my feet and stumbled through a patch of grass.  My side was burning and I’ve lost so much blood.  Add that to the fact that I haven’t eaten in two days and you’ve got one almost-dead man.

How could this happen to the team? I thought.  I should be packing to go back home, for heaven’s sake!  Everything was in order until the rebels found their way to our camp and suddenly attacked us.

I rolled on my back and stared up the starry skies.  My strength was leaving me and I was suddenly very, very tired.

In another part of the world, two important people were waiting for me to come back home.  I reached up the three shining starts within my vision, regrettably sorry that they will be waiting for nothing.

I love you both, I thought as my hand dropped wearily to my side and everything became dim.  Please be safe. 


I was called “the witch of the three stars” and I heard two soft whispers.

Keep my husband safe and sound until he comes back home to us.

I love you both Please be safe. 

I  peered through my window and saw a woman and a baby in the city and a bleeding man in the jungle.

This would not do, I thought as I walk to my spellbook.  I flipped through the pages and found a special spell called “The Spell of the Three People.”

“Perfect!” I cried as I throw some ingredients in my cauldron.

                Three people in need.

                    United by dreams, by blood.

                Three by three by three.

                    Love will set you free.

I smiled in satisfaction after I said the chant.  Somehow I know that in three days, these three people will be together again.

I clapped my hand in glee as I close the spellbook.  Job well done once again for the witch of the three stars.


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