Saturday, March 16, 2019

March Hand Lettering Postcards

Postcards time.

- I just like this conversation.

- True.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Rock Art (and Art Rocks!)

I never thought that I'll be spending much time Gardening, but nowadays, I am.  I now have a healthy assortment of succulents and cacti and just made rock art for the first time:

Tools used: flat rock/stones, acrylic paint, brush, Elmer's glue and water.  I used glue to make DIY Mod Podge.  It's the first time I ever heard of Mod Podge and to those as clueless as I am, Mod Podge acts as a paint sealer.  I don't know if my Mod Podge is effective, I'll just trust that it is (FYI, the recipe that I used is 1 part glue to 3 parts water).

Whenever I do something for the first time, I'm always torn if I need to buy stuff like those professionals do.  In this case, I debated if I should buy (1) the classic Mod Podge, (2) Uni Posca Paint Markers and (3) Gesso Primer -- just because they seem like the best materials to make your rock art pop, according to YouTube tutorials and blogs. 

In the end I'm too practical.  Artists hoard stuff for a reason-- different arts need different materials!  And I had no idea if I'll enjoy creating rock art at all.  So I settled for some random acrylic paints I have at home and glue.  No primer.  I'll just buy those stuff in case I like to create more rock art in the future.

BTW, I'm still happy with the results.

My succulents and rocks look happy!

Disclaimer: I just copied the rock designs from others via Google.  So I will not be claiming that they are original designs.